Marshall Plan

The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years, Alacevich

Political Economy of the World Bank
The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years, by Michele Alacevich presents fascinating study of economic history by describing the most crucial time for development economics: the birth of the “third world,” the creation of development economics as a discipline, and the establishment of the World Bank’s leading role in development.

Using previously unavailable archival material, Michele Alacevich takes a close look at the years during which the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, known as the World Bank, turned its attention from reconstruction to development, having been upstaged by the Marshall Plan. He describes the “Currie Mission” to Colombia (1949–1954), the World Bank’s first general survey mission in a developing nation.
With the Currie Mission as a starting point and a case study, Alacevich analyzes the complexities of the Bank’s first steps toward economic and social development in poorer nations, and helps the reader understand some foundational questions about development that are still of great relevance today.

It illuminates how the choice between project and program financing matured within the Bank, how personal characteristics of the key players affected policies and outcomes.

Finally, The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years is essential reading for anyone interested in the economic history of international development as a lens for better understanding current development issues. The study shines very important light on changing World Bank priorities, and on the practical experiences that shaped the early thinking of some highly influential development economists. These lessons have continuing relevance today.

The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years

Michele Alacevich
Stanford Economics and Finance
216 pages

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Best 2010 Father’s day Gift Idea

Are you lacking of ideas to choose best personalized gift in 2010 father’s day to beloved man, particularly to your father and husband in this June? Choosing eyeglasses for man that is suitable for his personality may be pretty good idea. Of course, you may love your father or husband to wear designer eyeglasses with fashionable and stylish frames in order to spread the aura of his personality.

So which eyeglasses should be chosen as best father’s day gift for your husband? All men always concern to wear the product that can make them comfort rather than considering style and fashionable issue while choosing eyeglasses frames. So it is suggested to choose the eyeglasses with suitable design to make them more masculine than ever.

Yes, choosing right colors of man eyeglasses with durable frames can be considered as best way to reflect the man personality. Therefore neutral color with classic style of frame can be great option for common men to complement their round faces to be better. But for perfect choice of father’s day gift, it is suggested to consult to your optician to ensure your husband or father get more comfortable eyeglasses that fit to his personality.

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How to Write a Good Business Proposal

Do you know the importance of writing a business proposal? Yes, by creating successful business proposal, you are able to present this document which contains the benefits your products or services to potential investor and alliances so they will be interesting to fund your business or provide loan. This proposal also has another goal to attract prospective customer, so the content of the document must answer all their questions about your products and service, so it will be good time to persuade them.

So how to write a business proposal with effective persuasion techniques so you can introduce business entity and then map out the goal, particularly to fulfill the customers’ requirements? The first thing to do is to prepare your idea and concept that you want to present. So it will be wise if you have understood the needs of your targeted clients and your proposal should provide a clearly solution for client’s problem by describing the benefits of your plans, including the proper data such as financial data, tax, work sheet and summary of plan. It is recommended to identify prospective customers.

There is no standard or rule for writing good business proposal. To find excellent proposal formula is to get right guidance and instruction from successful business owners. So it is suggested to talk to them for getting helpful advices.

Just try to communicate with effective and clear idea to your clients while writing business proposal, do not try to impress them too much with your special skills and experience. Just try to make a good discussion to introduce your plan or about any issues that may have to deal with. So if your company has significantly differences to other one, you should provide proper achievement of your business in the segment of market.

You also must include your proposal with your plan regarding revenue in first year and provide it with the excellent idea and concept to get started and how to manage cash flow.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

Have you ever figured out planning to buy car insurance online? There are numerous advantages when it comes to talk about buying auto insurance on Internet. You will save your time, money and you will fell relaxed, so there is no frustration anymore.

Before deciding to purchase any car insurance types, there are some factors those you should take in your consideration for buying right one, particularly for affordable or available discounts. It is important to ensure that the car insurance policy provides good coverage, including for covering accident case. But we are used to pay more payments to get completely covered for an accident.

So how can we do for reducing policy cost in order to get cheap car insurance? You are suggested to be good driver with clean traffic record for violations. So you may obtain good driver discount. Be sure to improve the safety features in your car, so it is not hard to get vehicle safety discount. If you have low mileage record, you may be qualified to get reduced policy cost and low mileage discount. That’s why people are used to get cheap car insurance from buying online because of large number of available discounts.

It is highly recommended to get comparison by getting quote from online website to determine desired policy cost before shopping around for buying such auto insurance. But where can we go to get best policy from online car insurance. is recommended online auto insurance company because they provides enjoyable services with many discount.

So how can we do to lower your insurance costs? For better understanding to know the best ways to keep your auto insurance cost as low as possible. It is recommended to watch buying auto insurance online video. This video provides excellent guide and recommended steps for buying right auto insurance online on The process while buying auto insurance on this online company is easy and safe because the processes includes an electronic application for safety purposes and we are able get signature to issue proof of coverage by using this electronic application.

Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools

Developing Products in Half the Time
Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools, 2nd Edition by Preston G. Smith and Donald G. Reinertsen integrates highly effective methods to control threat and use resources efficiently with tested procedures to speed up product development. Authors discuss countless sensible tools for cutting down cycle time, describing each individual one’s software and limitations.

With this period of worldwide competitiveness and accelerating product existence cycles, the necessity to have new products to market speedier is more compelling than previously. What was at the time thought of fast development is now commonplace. This book grew to become an immediate hit as being the main guide to cutting down product development cycle time.

The expanded established of applications in this new edition satisfies the requirements of present-day demanding occasions. The book’s premise remains stable: time is really worth money, and if you quantify this worth you’ll be able to buy time wisely, frequently to enormous gain. Relatively than pursuing development velocity at any price tag, the authors emphasize subjecting time-to-market decisions into the exact same hard-nosed organization logic made use of for other management selections.

Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools gives you resources for buying and selling off schedule in opposition to other small business objectives. New matters involve advanced equipment for calculating the cost of delay, alternatives to co-locating a workforce, how you can properly include customers in acquiring product specifications and part of enhanced engineering instruments in rapid development.

Authors apply to all companies and industries like program and electronics, professional medical products, equipment and cars, and customer goods. The authors demonstrate how primary providers no more rely upon only a few isolated resources but now integrate a broad array of strategies to achieve synergy and increased aggressive benefit.

New methods for managing risk

New methods for managing risk

Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools, 2nd Edition

Preston G. Smith and Donald G. Reinertsen
Wiley; 2 edition
320 pages

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Banana Chips Business Idea

Are you seeking excellent home based idea and opportunity to generate additional income for your family? If you like to cook and create some experiments of cooking with such technique and method, banana business idea can be excellent home business to consider. You can create various products of food from banana to be delicious snack for awesome banana chips business idea. You can sell it in your company cafeteria that you work in. It will be good if you supply these snacks to store, supermarket, or you can make good marketing campaign by offering around your neighborhood so they know you are providing banana chips with excellent taste.

But how can make banana chips? Actually there are some methods to create delicious banana chips with healthy process so it will be good to sell as good home based business opportunity. Actually there are two methods which you can do to make banana chips. The healthier method is by implementing dehydration method. You can put sliced banana on dehydrator trays for a few minutes with the range temperature between 130 and 140 degrees.

The other method is frying method. After peeling and slicing bananas, you will fry them for a minute in order to get crispy. To get sweet taste, it is suggested to transfer fried bananas into strainer. For removing excess oil, try to lay or polish them with clean paper tower. So it is easy right to make banana chips. Now you must figure to implement good marketing to run successful banana chips business.

Fashion Public Relations, Gerald J. Sherman

Fashion Public Relations
Fashion Public Relations, by Gerald J. Sherman and Sar S. Perlman delivers a functional approach to the earth of public relations and image management, especially connected with the fashion market. In-depth scenario scientific tests include popular clothing and textile providers along with outside public relations firms that serve them.

Gerald J. Sherman is co-founder and spouse of Sherman and Perlman, LLC, a public relations and integrated marketing corporation. He has served as VP of profits and marketing for several popular fashion companies and has become a lecturer and coordinator at sales and profits and marketing seminars both of those nationally and internationally.

He has held adjunct training positions for the Fashion Institute of Technological innovation in Ny, Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, Miami International University of Art and Design in Miami, Florida and most recently at Johnson and Wales University, North Miami, Florida. He is creator and co-author of a number of publications and has also penned several articles for trade publications.

Concentrating about the pragmatic elements of public relations as well as fundamentals of fashion public relations, the authors show rules and ideas inside a real-world context that pupils will essentially deal with during the enterprise environment. Fashion Public Relations book equips students when using the crucial techniques and tactics important for any prosperous vocation in fashion public relations.

Fashion Public Relations

Gerald J. Sherman and Sar S. Perlman
Fairchild Pubns; First edition
416 pages

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Pricing and Profitability Management, Julie Meehan

Pricing and Profitability Management, Julie Meehan
Pricing and Profitability Management: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders PDF Download Ebook. Julie Meehan provides comprehensive reference for any professional to know the capabilities and competencies required for efficient Pricing and Profitability Management.

Author describes each of the six competencies (Pricing Technique, Price Execution, Advanced Analytics and Optimization, Organizational Alignment and Governance, Pricing Expertise and Knowledge Administration, and Tax and Regulatory Effectiveness) in detail.

This book addresses how an integrated strategy to pricing improvement will construct a sustainable, aggressive benefit for any organization. The final word “methods to” guide for any executive or manager thinking about price management, the book presents a holistic, complete framework that reveals how integrating these pricing categories into a cohesive program results in spectacular beneficial properties that can’t be achieved by way of a single-pronged approach.

This text presents a comprehensive framework for more effectively managing pricing and profitability by indentifying the six key classes of pricing and profitability management to show you find out how to achieve a competitive edge by managing pricing and profitability.

Taking a comprehensive view of pricing, companies can place themselves to faucet an enormous source of shareholder value-the power to set and implement worthwhile prices, not simply as soon as, however time and again in response to marketplace changes and evolving business needs-and this book will show you how to solve these issues.

Pricing and Profitability Management: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders [Hardcover]

Julie Meehan, Mike Simonetto, Larry Montan and Chris Goodin
Wiley; 1 edition (July 12, 2011)
320 pages

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