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SPSS Survival Manual 4th Edition, Pallant

SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition
SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition by Julie Pallant is ompletely current version of the internationally prosperous, user-friendly guide that will take students and researchers by way of the generally challenging process of analysis data with the widely-used SPSS software program bundle.

Completely revised and up-to-date for SPSS Version 18, SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition offers superb introduction to working with SPSS for information evaluation having a self-contained useful resource by itself, with more than simply (comprehensive and apparent) step-by-step descriptions of statistical techniques in SPSS. There’s also a wealth of recommendations and guidance, and for each statistical technique a short, but regularly reliable, explanation is provided.

SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition discusses simple and superior statistical tactics clearly, with uncomplicated to adhere to step-by-step methods for executing the analysis, a thorough manual to interpreting information output and an example of tips on how to existing the results inside a report. Within this fourth version all chapters have been current to accommodate modifications to SPSS techniques, screens and output. A number of further techniques (McNemar’s Check, Cochran’s Q Test) happen to be integrated inside the Non parametric Figures chapter.

For both newbies and experienced customers in psychology, sociology, health sciences, medication, education, business and associated disciplines, the SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition is necessary manual. Illustrated with display grabs, examples of output and tips, it truly is supported by a webpage with sample information and recommendations on report writing.

Within this SPSS Survival Manual 4th edition, all chapters happen to be up to date to accommodate changes to SPSS procedures, screens and output in model 15. A new flowchart is incorporated for SPSS techniques, and factor evaluation procedures happen to be streamlined. Additionally, it consists of more examples and material on syntax. Additional information files are out there around the book’s supporting website.

SPSS Survival Manual: A step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS

Julie Pallant
Open University Press; 4 edition
352 pages

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Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis, Olivier

Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis
Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis: Protecting Investors in the Long Run, by Olivier de La Grandville presents significant methodological advances in bond evaluation in the previous 20 many years. With unusual precision and a strong emphasis on the underlying financial fundamentals, Olivier de La Grandville presents a unified framework for knowing the fundamental tools of bond evaluation, including duration, convexity, and immunization.

Among the book’s most valuable contributions is really a common immunization theorem that could be utilised by practitioners to shield traders towards any modify in the framework of spot interest rates. This book also presents thorough presentation from the Heath-Jarrow-Morton design and a discussion of its relationships with classical immunization schemes.

Furthermore, Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis includes coverage of vital topics: deriving the zero generate curves, deriving credit spreads, hedging as well as covers rate of interest and credit derivatives. The book will contain numerous labored illustrations and excel spreadsheets, making obstruct method all through. A key feature from the book will likely be protection of both traditional and substitute investment decision methods in the fixed-income market.

Each chapter is adopted by a collection of questions, challenge sets, and projects; thorough solutions to all of them appear in the end with the book. Though the remedy is comprehensive and arduous, the presentation all through the book is intuitive. Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis delivers an available route in to the complex worlds of mounted income securities.

Bond Pricing and Portfolio Analysis

Olivier de La Grandville
The MIT Press
473 pages

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Advanced Presentations by Design, Abela

Advanced Presentations by Design, Abela
Advanced Presentations by Design: Creating Communication that Drives Action, by Andrew V. Abela introduces the conventional wisdom and application for creating presentations. This book is predicated on over 200 analysis studies from the fields of communication, advertising and marketing, psychology, multimedia, and law.

The case has been discipline-examined extensively in leading corporation equivalent to Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, eBay, ExxonMobil, HJ Heinz, and Motorola. This book takes you, step-by-step, from a stack of data to a completed presentation that will compel your viewers to take action. It focuses on presentation design that I’ve ever had the privilege of reading.

Advanced Presentations by Design offers reality-based solutions to essential questions on presentation design, together with the best way to adapt your presentation to different preferences, what position your data ought to play and how much of it you need, how you can turn your information right into a story, and tips on how to design persuasive but understandable visual layouts.

This book is crucial for any government who would not have time to wade by means of sixty-web page PowerPoint decks. You will want to make this book required studying for all of your staff. The ever-present presentations have a appear and feel based mostly extra on customized and what others do than on the proof of what works best.

In this sensible book, creator has outlined a set of ideas that will make your displays more memorable and persuasive. I recommend it for those of you who need the confidence of realizing how best to plan and design successful presentations.

Advanced Presentations by Design: Creating Communication that Drives Action

Andrew V. Abela
Pfeiffer; 1 edition
224 pages

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Marketing Planning, by Stephan Sorger

Marketing Planning, by Stephan Sorger

Marketing Planning by Stephan Sorger offers functional manual to creating marketing options that deliver measurable outcomes. This book presents an extensive framework for strategic marketing planning and outlines a structured method for creating effective marketing ideas. Principal marketing ideas and themes are highlighted as snapshots all through the text.

The strategy makes use of a lot of figures, checklists, and choice charts to leverage confirmed marketing techniques and market data for high quality marketing programs. This book delivers additional illustrative marketing accounts to contextualize mastering. Highlights taken from the text as marginalized notes carry essential factors to the awareness of the reader.

The Marketing Planning book is full of current examples, culminating inside a full sample marketing plan that demonstrates the book’s exceptional method. The book is ideal for planning-related courses in upper-level undergraduate and lower-level graduate school plans, too as for enterprise executives looking for a aggressive edge inside the pace and excellent of their marketing planning.

This textbook provides a broad overview of the marketing planning procedure made pertinent by meticulously selected case scientific studies. The images and also the all round layout accentuate the text, which can be well worded and simple to read. Fantastic for beginners for the field as well as operating professionals need a rapid reference guide, Marketing Planning instructs on tips on how to set objectives for the existing business enterprise climate.

Marketing Planning

Stephan Sorger
Prentice Hall; 1 edition
352 pages

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Catering Management 4th Edition, Nancy Scanlon

Catering Management 4th Edition, Nancy Scanlon
Catering Management 4th Edition, by Nancy Loman Scanlon gives complete information to managing your catering business. Profitable catering includes creating a terrific meal and requires robust abilities in marketing, cost control and budgeting, and day-to-day enterprise management.

This book offers working professionals and aspiring caterers the detailed advice and crucial enterprise expertise wanted for successful on- and off-premise catering. With important management techniques that may preserve current practitioners on the innovative and skilled recommendation to assist kick-begin aspiring caterers’ careers, it offers all-function information to the industry.

The book covers all the fundamentals, together with types of catering operations, menu design and pricing, food and beverage service, managing workers and gear, and far more. Up to date to reflect the very latest in a growing field, this new edition covers present developments in sustainable practices, digital menu and proposal design, new software and tools, social networking, online promotions, and on-demand proposal development.

Catering Management 4th Edition offers professionals and aspiring caterers detailed recommendation on all of the crucial business points of the topic for on- and off-premise catering. Updated to satisfy the needs of this fast-rising industry, the book consists of new material on non-lodge catering operations-equivalent to small business management and operating your individual catering operation. It presents recent data on menu design and pricing, complete with illustrative menu examples and tips for utilizing software program instruments to create engaging menus.

A must-have, single useful resource for anybody keen on catering, this text additionally offers steering on learn how to use software to enhance meals management, scheduling, hire and practice each service, meals production employees, institute food and beverage operational controls that guarantee excessive standards of high quality, service, and presentation.

Catering Management [Hardcover]

Nancy Loman Scanlon
Wiley; 4 edition (October 16, 2012)
272 pages

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Choosing Cheap Webhosting Service for Small Business

Do you need to find cheap webhosting service for your small business site? Yes, it is a must for small and medium business owner to have website hosting plan for your site. Having hosting plan is like an asset. Therefore, it will be excellent idea if you ensure that your webhosting service is reliable and has high quality aspects. It is important issue to consider particularly if you are running e-commerce as small business opportunity to make money online.

Your website will be fueled by huge numbers fixed and potential customers every day, so it is suggested to select cheap web hosting service for your small business site with no or minimum server downtime. So you will not lose your visitors or customers because higher numbers of visitors mean increased sales particularly if you are running e-commerce sites. But how can we ensure such cheap webhosting service providers provide high quality and reliability? Yes, before deciding choosing web hosting service for your small business site, you should take some issues in your consideration.

First, most of cheap web hosting services are using shared web hosting plans. It means such website hosting plan is segregated into hundreds accounts. So we can assume that this web hosting plan does not afford reliability and quality, though it is offered at cheap or affordable price.

Second, when it comes to choose web hosting service for your small business site, it is suggested to determine the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you will spend for running the small business website. So it will be useless if you have outnumbered capacity on your package unless you have a plan to provide enough disk capacity and bandwidth for develop your website whenever your business existence grows.

Third, you must ensure that cheap web hosting service for your small business site provides complete feature that you need to install and manage your website. The webhosting service provider also must provide best customer service to answer your queries quickly and efficiently. Finally when it comes to find cheap web hosting service for your small business site, make sure price is not only your consideration. It is suggested to take comparison and do research so you are able to choose right web hosting plan for your small business, suits to your budget and needs.

Top Professional Keynote Speaker

Why it is suggested for any enterprises or companies to hire top professional keynote speaker? Sometimes, you need to hire best corporate motivational speaker for business meeting, convention, academic gatherings or conference. So what is the main task of keynote speaker?

Keynote speaker has responsible get right direction of discussing such topic from beginning the meeting or event and to summarize the discussion and teach some lectures at the end. For business meeting, keynote speaker function is to attract wide range of attendance by bringing some business topic and raising the interest.

So how can we know someone can be considered deservedly as top keynote speaker customized for business event? There are requirements when it comes to invite corporate motivational speaker. Yes, a best keynote speaker must have good oratory and speech skill and acceptable intelligence with business background and education.

For business conference, the top keynote speakers or corporate motivational speaker are used to get paid for their time, particularly for professional speakers who have exceptional skills and communication to deliver memorable speech and motivation in order to inspire the employees of such enterprises or companies. For business owners, hiring best motivational speakers can be good way to overcome the business environment by giving motivation for the employees to do better works because they feel they will have bright future to working in company.

So how can we get top keynote speakers? Of course, they are many bureaus out there to provide database of best motivational speaker who are experts in diverse topics, including for human resource development. Therefore, it is suggested to get right keynote speaker that can make audiences feel motivated, energized, educated and get entertainment so inspiring the employees of business will be obtained.

As best motivational speaker with huge experience, Garrison Wynn has worked for top business developers and companies. This corporate motivational speaker will provide real answer for real challenge of your organization’s needs and goals by delivering innovative approach of speech with serious motivational speaking and combines it with professionally humor. as top professional keynote speaker, he has wide range of experience in many business sectors such as manufacturing, entertainment, telecommunications, and financial services.

Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Applications

Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Applications
Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Applications by Jerome Adda and Russell W. Cooper evaluates the formal principle of dynamic optimization, the numerical tools and econometric techniques necessary to evaluate the theoretical models. In language accessible to a reader with a restricted background in econometrics, authors clarify most of the methods used in applied dynamic analysis from the estimation of probability in a coin flip to a complicated nonlinear stochastic structural model.

These econometric techniques provide the final hyperlink between the dynamic programming downside and data. This text is devoted to the application of dynamic programming to specific areas of applied economics, together with the research of business cycles, consumption, and investment behavior. In every instance the authors offer the precise optimization problem as a dynamic programming downside, characterize the optimum policy capabilities, estimate the parameters, and use models for policy evaluation.

Writer lies in the built-in strategy to the empirical utility of dynamic optimization programming models. This integration shows that empirical applications really complement the underlying principle of optimization, while dynamic programming issues present needed structure for estimation and coverage evaluation.

This book combines the instruments of dynamic programming with numerical methods and simulation-primarily based econometric methods. This integration shows that empirical functions truly complement the underlying principle of optimization, whereas dynamic programming issues present needed structure for estimation and coverage evaluation.

It provides a really accessible and fascinating introduction to the literature on economic models based on dynamic programming methods which have been developed within the final several decades. In contrast to other latest work in this area, this book discusses econometric methods for estimating the unknown parameters of those models as well as summarizing a few of the most promising computational methods for fixing them. The book provides a range of interesting examples and is written at a stage that is accessible for people who are new to the subject.

Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Applications [Hardcover]

Jerome Adda and Russell W. Cooper
The MIT Press (August 29, 2003)
293 pages

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