Starting A Cleaning Business

Why are so people starting a new businesses, particularly in recent recession? The answer is to make money. For me, it is hard to earn money for now . Starting cleaning business such as a house cleaning business may be good idea. But to  have a successful house cleaning, but it would be nice if you like it. It’s very important!

Starting cleaning business is depending on how much money that you provide so you can figure the size of your business you want to be.  How about the place? You may start up  at home and or at such areas that is close to home. But to be professional in cleaning business, it is suggested to create a commercial office and hire people to work for you.

Here are  several steps to help you to get starting cleaning business.

1. Decide the cleaning business type

You may choose the suitable cleaning business type, related to your ability. The ideas may be doing beds, vacuuming, cleaning and waxing floors, dusting and  laundry. It is recommended to put niche business type or specific business such as  cleaning bathroom. dry cleaning, carpet cleaning  or cleaning ceilings only.

2. The service cost

Service cost must be main consideration to defeat your  competitors.  Check it on Internet,  the telephone directory and the classified ads in local newspapers to find exactly cost or  best price for you cleaning business.

3. Start up costs.

The proper tools, materials, transportation, advertising, insurance, and other tool are needed to design and plan start up cost. First, write a list of all tools and materials those are needed, then find the exact value of each item particularly to evaluate the transport and advertising costs.

4. The business’ s name

It is important for branding your service. It will be good if you do not use the name of your cleaning services.

5. Make some free cleaning jobs

You do not really do it for free. It is aimed to add to your credibility for future paying clients. You can offer these free cleaning jobs to friends, non-profit organizations to attract their attentions.

6.  Get your first paying customer

Tell to your first customer that you’ve been starting cleaning business and have placed advertising in local newspapers. However, you must spend most of your time and money, but it is effective way to gain more customers in less time.

This is only the beginning. As soon as you start to earn money by starting cleaning business. the next step is to manage your business strategies related to economic growth, taxes, accounting or even purchasing insurance.

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