Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars Review

Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars Review
Are you looking for best international brand for high quality premium vintage cigars with great taste and aroma? Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars is known as best premium brand for old fashioned cigars with internationally quality standard. These cigars become recommended brand for occasional smokers in US, Canada and abroad because they contain grown and fermented tobaccos, hints of wood and nuts for provide tasteful aroma with moderate finish.

Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars feature classy wrappers, perfect aroma and complex taste depending on types of tobaccos. People may consider Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Churchill as best rated of vintage cigars because of its burning, drawing characteristic, consistent aroma, great appearance and construction as well best taste.

But I prefer to smoke Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Petite Corona with Sumatra wrapper because the draw and burn is so smooth on my tongue. The taste is so creamy and perfectly balanced. Petite Corona can be considered as perfect cigar that I have ever tasted. It is highly recommended for you want to buy cigars with unforgettable aroma.

Of course, every cigar smoker has their own favorites. The other premium brand could be your next option. Black & Mild by Middleton Cigars is highly recommended for anyone prefers to smoke cigar with homogenized wrapper and binder. Meanwhile, for Cuban cigar, I recommended Montecristo Cigars because they offer rich tasting with silky wrapper and sweet aroma. So what is your choice?

Whatever brand of cigars that you choose to smoke, to get safe smoke, it is suggested to choose cigars with high quality tobacco. Of course, for long time cigar smoker you know how to choose your favorite cigar. But for first time smoker, I suggested to get mild cigars for the first experience, so you can determine and learn about flavors and characteristics of cigars, that you will enjoy or hate.

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Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars Review

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