Mathematics for Retail Buying 6th Edition, Tepper

Mathematics for Retail Buying
Mathematics for Retail Buying 6th Edition by Bette K. Tepper incorporates the most recent market pondering and developments by discovering brands, brand equity and strategic brand management. This book combines a complete theoretical foundation with several strategies and sensible insights for creating improved day-to-day and long-term brand decisions-and therefore improving the long-term profitability of precise brand strategies.

Writer also provides particular tactical recommendations for organizing, making, measuring, and controlling brand equity. It consists of many examples on virtually every single topic and more than 75 Branding Briefs that identify successful and unsuccessful brands and explain why they’ve been so. Situation scientific studies will familiarize audience using the real-life tales of Intel Corporation, Nivea, Nike, and Starbucks.

The Mathematics for Retail Buying 6th Edition book delivers most up-to-date developments on these topics from both academics and sector participants. Thus, this book can help readers recognize the essential concerns in preparing and evaluating brand tactics, also as present proper concepts, theories, along with other equipment to generate much better branding decisions.

The book identifies profitable and unsuccessful brand marketers and why they have been so. Audience will gain a better appreciation from the selection of issues covered in branding to organize their thoughts about these difficulties.

Mathematics for Retail Buying 6th Edition is aimed for market professionals from brand professionals to chief marketing and advertising officers. It truly is suggested reference supply to all people concerned with constructing and managing brand names. This is an exceptionally complete therapy from the topic, full of useful analytic and rich insights.

Mathematics for Retail Buying with CDROM (6th Edition)

Bette K. Tepper
Fairchild Pubns; 6 edition
368 pages

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Mathematics for Retail Buying

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