Maryland Tax Refund Status Information

There is latest information about Maryland tax refund status for individual taxpayers who wants to get simple and efficient process for filling and paying taxes. So what can you do to get safe process for checking Maryland tax refund status? If you have already get form 1099G that contains information of return you received in 2009, not tax bill nor refund, just keep it confidentially. This form includes detailed information about all Maryland tax refund in last year which has been credit to you, including tax account, child support debt and other tax liability. See example of form 1099G here.

To receive faster Maryland tax refund, it is suggested to get taxes filling electronically. Because you are allowed to choose direct deposit of your fund and Comptroller of Maryland’s Online Services will process refunds to your bank account within a few days after the date of return. To file income tax return electronically, for Maryland resident or nonresident, you can use IFile software that is provided by Comptroller of Maryland as free service.

But how can we check our Maryland tax refund status? Yes, you can do it online by visit Be sure to prepare your Social Security number and the amount of your Maryland tax refund, that is shown at tax return form. The other option is to fill it by paper.

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