Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds, Stefanini

Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds
Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds, by Filippo Stefanini supplies an intensive learning expertise, defining hedge funds, explaining hedge fund strategies whereas offering each qualitative and quantitative instruments that traders have to entry these kind of funds. Topics not often covered in discussions of hedge funds are included, such as a theoretical discussion of each hedge fund technique followed by buying and selling examples supplied by profitable hedge fund managers.

Since the first hedge fund was launched in 1949 by Alfred Winslow Jones, the business has grown impressively. In 2005 it reached the report size of 1.three trillion dollars and 8000 hedge funds. Answerable for a giant slice of the each day buying and selling volumes of monetary markets, hedge funds are among the many top shoppers for brokers, given the extent of trading charges they generate.

Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds provides glorious introduction to the world of hedge funds to take the reader on a tour of the wide range of methods employed by these often mysterious however increasingly essential investment institutions. Each college students and professionals will worth the nicely organized presentation that combines insightful discussions with many attention-grabbing information and figures.

The hedge fund world is a really heterogeneous one: there are hedge funds that encompass just a few people and those with buying and selling floors bigger than soccer fields. The hedge fund world appears to be the place the place the flexibility to generate optimistic uncorrelated returns resides, even though performances will not be publicly disclosed.

And nonetheless, this remarkable phenomenon is surrounded by an aura of mystery. Using real-life examples and case research, this book gives an intensive studying experience, and helps readers perceive the investment strategies of hedge funds showing them how they’ll make investments to make money in an uncorrelated way with financial markets.

Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds

Filippo Stefanini
Wiley; 1 edition
336 pages

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