Introduction to Banking by Barbara Casu

Introduction to Banking
Introduction to Banking by Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux gives you detailed and up-to-date introduction towards the business of banking, created by specialist authors. The book handles both theoretical and utilized issues associated with the global banking trade, highlighted by examples from throughout Europe as well as wider intercontinental arena.

This book is structured into 4 main sections: introduction to banking; central banking and bank regulation; matters in bank management; comparative banking markets. This book familiarizes students together with the factors banks exist, the several companies they provide, and also the latest traits impacting on the banking business.

Authors also addresses modern central banking and bank regulation concerns evaluating the uk, Eurozone along with the US giving students the most up-to-date data on banking follow. They target on bank management issues, together with insight into risk management approaches used by banks prepares students to be aware of the different economical capabilities of business and financial investment banks.

The latest developments in produced, emerging and transition banking and money methods are lined intimately, familiarizing students with different kinds of banking methods and the way worldwide developments effect on different forms of banking markets.

Ultimately, Introduction to Banking is ideal for all undergraduate students using a class in banking, as industry experts moving into the banking business. What’s more, it gives reliable background examining for postgraduate students of banking.

Introduction to Banking

Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux
Prentice Hall
560 pages

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