Financial Management Theory & Practice 13th Edition

Financial Management Theory & PracticeFinancial Management Theory & Practice 13th edition by Eugene F. Brigham provides essential solutions for developing and implementing powerful financial methods in organization today. This book may be the only text that strikes a best stability between solid financial theory and sensible apps. Viewers acquire a strong operating knowledge of today’s changed financial atmosphere as this edition examines current financial crises, the global financial crisis, and role of finance inside the enterprise and students’ personal lives.

This Financial Management Theory & Practice 13th edition book offers relevant presentation, numerous examples and emphasis on using Excel spreadsheets exhibits readers how to increase the worth of a company. Integrated practice utilizing Thomson ONE-Business College Edition provides visitors hands-on encounter making use of exactly the same analysis device Wall Road specialists depend upon daily. This book is each the ideal option for modern day introductory MBA program as well as a valuable reference tool for college students throughout their academic and business careers.

Financial Management Theory & Practice 13th edition is reorganized to deal with important concepts and necessary subjects inside the very first 17 chapters, making certain that students obtain the coverage they will need whether in a one- or perhaps a two-semester study course. Later on chapters provide more sophisticated and expanded treatment of subjects to construct on before material and enhance college student mastery of concepts.

Financial Management Theory & Practice 13th edition includes timely actual examples throughout nearly each and every chapter exhibit the effect of modern financial crisis in all areas of enterprise and lifestyle. New “Global Economic Crisis” bins in many chapters highlight distinct finance problems associated towards the crisis with educational graphics in the beginning of every chapter plainly illustrate how the chapter’s topics and ideas fit into the overall financial framework.

The authors have produced Excel Tool Kits for each chapter to boost college student proficiency with spreadsheets. Tool Kit models, available as self-taught tutorials by means of the Financial Management Theory & Practice 13th edition’s site, detail lots of with the characteristics and functions of Excel. On this version, true screen captures on the Excel Instrument Kit designs seem within the text, allowing college students to plainly and extra intently comply with the models in evaluation.

Financial Management: Theory & Practice (with Thomson ONE – Business School Edition 1-Year Printed Access Card)

South-Western College Pub; 13 edition
Eugene F. Brigham (Author), Michael C. Ehrhardt
1184 pages

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