Essentials of Contemporary Management 5th Edition

Essentials of Contemporary Management
Essentials of Contemporary Management 5th edition, by Gareth Jones and Jennifer George presents management in a manner that makes its relevance apparent even to students who may lack publicity to “actual-life” management context. This is achieved via a various set of examples, and the distinctive, and hottest function of the text, the “Manager as a Particular person” Chapter 2.

This book discusses managers as actual folks with their very own personalities, strengths, weaknesses, alternatives, and problems and this theme is carried thru the remaining chapters. Creator concisely surveys present management theories and research. By way of a variety of actual world examples from small, medium, and huge companies the reader learns how those concepts are used by practicing managers.

The group of this text follows the mainstream functional strategy of planning, organizing, main, and controlling; however the content is versatile and encourages instructors to use the organization they’re most comfortable with.

Essentials of Contemporary Management 5th edition also discusses the importance of management competencies–the precise set of expertise, skills, and experiences that gives one manager the ability to carry out at a better stage than one other in a particular context. The themes of diversity, ethics, globalization, and knowledge technology are integrated throughout.

Chapter opening profiles of companies or personalities are included within the Management Snapshots, nevertheless they’re distinctive in one way – they embody a set up with questions on the end of the case, and then tie back at the end of the chapter with a resolution for instance to students how one can combine the chapter concepts.

Essentials of Contemporary Management

Gareth Jones and Jennifer George
McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 5 edition
576 pages

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