Developing a Quality Curriculum, Allan Glatthorn

Developing a Quality Curriculum, Allan Glatthorn
Developing a Quality Curriculum, by Allan A. Glatthorn blends analysis, initiatives, and developments together with his sensible expertise as a curriculum guide to more than one hundred faculty systems.

Glatthorn believes that shared leadership and responsibility are essential to realize quality. Curriculum development ought to contain a collaborative course of that includes enter from the state, district leaders, faculty directors, classroom teachers, and parents. This book is a helpful useful resource for understanding and training sound curriculum development.

In the face of increasing calls for college reform, instructional leaders are trying anew on the core components of the academic program, together with, after all, the curriculum. Developing a Quality Curriculum is a guide to each understanding and practicing sound curriculum development.

The Developing a Quality Curriculum, by Allan A. Glatthorn draws upon analysis and his expertise with greater than 100 faculty methods to put out the steps of a top quality curriculum development process. He emphasizes that it is a collaborative process involving district leaders, school directors, teachers, students, and parents. Shared management and responsibility are essential, and all concerned must be dedicated to a deal with student studying and an emphasis on quality.

With its comprehensive, step-by-step method, this book is an indispensable useful resource for college techniques struggling to balance the suggestions of state frameworks, classroom teachers, and other skilled sources without losing sight of the true objective: bettering scholar learning.

Developing a Quality Curriculum [Paperback]

Allan A. Glatthorn
Waveland Press, Inc.
144 pages

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