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The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement, Jan Cullinane

The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement, Jan Cullinane
The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement by Jan Cullinane explains the challenges of retired or pre-retired life, from managing your finances to staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit, coping with divorce, and even on the lookout for love or work, the book covers the problems that really matter to you.

Whether or not you’re on the lookout for a retirement home or planning a cruise, this book is filled with particular details to assist take the guesswork out of retirement. Author and retirement expert Jan Cullinane has gathered real-life stories from girls just like you to illustrate your options and provide you with contemporary new concepts about the right way to profit from your retirement years.

Jan Cullinane has written the essential software for single girls approaching retirement. Her sensible information covers every angle-from when to retire, what to do, and the way to discover single-pleasant places to tips on managing money. The wealth of sensible details and helpful tips turns retirement anxiety into confident anticipation.

Single ladies are probably the most prudent investors. One study showed single women earned 2.3 % greater returns than did single men. Compared to males, women make fewer overall investing errors and usually tend to get help from a financial skilled, save a bit more out of their paychecks, ask extra questions, and do more research.

It’s a motivator for single mature girls to make selections so their second half of life will be the best part of life. It affords blueprint for a satisfying and successful second half of life.

The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement [Paperback]

Jan Cullinane
Wiley; 1 edition (October 9, 2012)
320 pages

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Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success

Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success
Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success, by Stephen B. Shiring contains informative anecdotes and vignettes that allow readers to be taught from the errors of others. This worthwhile resource is a crucial tool that aspiring caterers will wish to maintain handy for simple reference.

College students will apply knowledge introduced within the text to create, modify, and build efficient recipes and menu plans for various clientele, features, and theme events. Important security, preparation, and food dealing with laws are reinforced via each group and individual activities.

Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success is written by three food service professionals who share their secrets and techniques to profitable catering. The authors emphasize the significance of changing into an environment friendly and effective caterer. They share the ideas and methods that distinguish the novice from the professional. The text’s unique format engages and actively entails students. An instructor’s guide, student workbook, and Energy Point presentation slides accompany the text.

For any profitable catering event, this text discusses comfy seating or standing. To set up a banquet room properly, the following ideas should be included: symmetry, stability, safety, fire code, aptitude, neatness and a focus to details.

It is suggested text for college kids in food service, sharing ideas and tips that distinguish the novice from the skilled caterer. Early chapters cover kinds of catering, the catering market, and creating a customer base. Later chapters cover elements of the catering operation, similar to management, operations, equipment, and legal issues, and take a look at software of whole high quality management.

Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success [Paperback]

Stephen B. Shiring
Delmar Cengage Learning; 1 edition (December 20, 2000)
416 pages

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Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching
Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching 2nd Edition, by Charlotte Danielson offers full basis of a school’s or district’s recruitment and hiring, mentoring, coaching, professional development, and instructor analysis processes, thus linking all these activities together and helping teachers become more thoughtful practitioners.

The framework for educating is a analysis-primarily based set of parts of instruction which are grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. The framework may be used for many functions, but its full value is realized as the muse for professional conversations amongst practitioners as they search to boost their talent in the complex job of teaching.

The actions lecturers can take to improve student studying are clearly identified and fall beneath four domains of teaching accountability: Planning and Preparation, the Faculty Surroundings, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. Inside the domains are 22 components and seventy six descriptive elements that further refine our understanding of what instructing is all about. The framework defines 4 levels of performance–Unsatisfactory, Fundamental, Proficient, and Distinguished–for every element, offering worthwhile software that every one academics can use.

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching 2nd Edition has been revised and updated and likewise contains frameworks for school specialists, corresponding to faculty nurses, counselors, library and media specialists, and educational coaches. Complete, clear, and applicable to educating throughout the Ok-12 spectrum, the framework for educating described on this book is based on the PRAXIS III: Classroom Efficiency Assessment criteria developed by Instructional Testing Service and is compatible with INTASC standards.

This text consists of frameworks for a bunch of schooling specialists, including college nurses, counselors, and psychologists. These specialists work carefully with lecturers and directors, and all work collectively for the benefit of the students, because the expanded frameworks in Chapter 5 describe.

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching [Paperback]

Charlotte Danielson
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development; 2 edition (March 1, 2007)
200 pages

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Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program, Don Chance

Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program, Don Chance
Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program, by Don M. Chance introduces college students and practitioners to a practical risk management method to derivatives. The textbook captures current practice and displays what the general funding practitioner must find out about derivatives.

Author examines asset allocation and funding performance measurement, government inventory choices, the risk aversion of excessive-level executives, human features of risk management, firms who accept blame and blame others, dividends as choices, risk management in sports activities, and the economic effectivity of hybrid vehicles.

Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program, by Don M. Chance doesn’t merely ship a proof of assorted derivatives devices and positions but gives motivation for each derivatives position by explaining what the manager wants to accomplish previous to addressing the main points of the position.

Don M. Probability, CFA, holds the William H. Wright, Jr. Endowed Chair for Monetary Providers at Louisiana State University. He earned his CFA charter in 1986 and has served as a consultant and advisor to AIMR in lots of capacities, together with authorship of monographs on managed futures and actual options. He has spoken at many conferences of AIMR and different organizations.

Creator, Professor Probability is broadly quoted within the local, regional, and nationwide media on matters associated to derivatives, risk management, and monetary markets in general. He was previously First Union Professor of Financial Risk Administration at Virginia Tech, the place he based its pupil-managed funding fund. He holds a Ph.D. in finance from Louisiana State University.

Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program [Hardcover]

Don M. Chance
Assn for Investment Management
672 pages

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Business Models: Strategic Management Approach

Utilizing a strategic management model together with your undertaking does not point out that you’re heading to regulate the options of the undertaking or even the basis and instruments that you’re using to place it in location. A strategic management is about making use of a distinctive undertaking method entirely. It offers with becoming ready to phase from the venture for that objective of searching at it and analyzing it from various viewpoints.

Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach by Allan Afuah represents strategic management concepts and principles of business models and design based on their business types and needs. Business models are about creating revenue and most companies are in business to create cash or revenue.

Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach provides useful guides from accounting to finance to marketing and advertising to technique. Due to the fact strategic management is inherently integrative in nature and more and more a lot more centered on agency efficiency, technique textbooks have appear closest to addressing the topic of business models, but only implicitly and partially so.

Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach book attracts about the newest investigation in strategic management to explicitly and totally discover business models. It attracts about the most recent investigation on to discover which things to do a agency performs, the way it performs them, and when it performs them to create a revenue.

Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach book delivers an integrated framework for knowing the connection amongst the set of routines that a agency chooses to carry out, its income model, its price framework, its sources and capabilities, the aggressive forces within the firm’s business, and its capacity to maintain a aggressive benefit even within the deal.

Business Models: Strategic Management Approach
Business Models: A Strategic Management Approach
Allan Afuah
McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 1 edition
456 pages

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Organic Indian Spiced Chai Teas Review

Organic Indian Spiced Chai Teas
Do you have a plan to buy organic Indian spiced Chai teas with suitable concentrate? It can be understood that drinking this premium black tea can give us different sensational tastes and pleasures while enjoying your tea in morning. Moreover, if you add additional mixtures such as latte, honey, milk and sugar on a cup of Chai teas, you will get great flavor and tastes. These Chai teas are addressed for any ages who want fresh tea to quench their bodies in morning, including for kids

Indian spiced Chai teas are considered as national teas of Sri Lanka and India. Their unique and irreplaceable taste comes from combination between premium black tea and spices in India or Sri Lanka such as cloves, coriander, sweet cumin seeds, curry leaves, lemon grass, and cardamom.

So what are benefits of drinking organic Indian spiced Chai tea? Of course you can gain health improvements while obtaining excellent refreshing tastes. These Chai teas contain high rich antioxidants those are proven to prevent cardiovascular and decrease blood pressure as well as to combat other illness and sickness conditions.

So if you are interesting to buy organic Indian spiced Chai teas, it is best time to find best place that provides best quality Chai teas with certain concentrate at affordable price, near your area. Or to save your time and money, it will be good idea to buy Chai teas from reputable online store such as This online store does not only provide Indian spiced Chai teas with 50 teabags pouch from major brands at cheap price only, but also offers variety of tea accessories such as tea kettles or tea pots.

Bringing New Technology to Market, Kathleen R. Allen

Bringing New Technology to Market This Bringing New Technology to Market book by Kathleen R. Allen book presents a comprehensive review at the problems connected to the commercialization of intellectual property, and includes three significant themes that infuse all the concepts offered: worth creation, speed, and entrepreneurship. It allows viewers to understand diverse business designs and procedures from mainstream sorts of businesses, and teaches them how to successfully commercialize the intellectual home they develop.

The Bringing New Technology to Market book focuses on administration, marketing, product improvement, and functions techniques that function inside a higher tech surroundings. A four-part business covers: The Foundations of Technology Commercialization, Intellectual Home and Valuation. It’s aimed for potential entrepreneurs and corporate venture.

Bringing New Technology to Market presents a complete examine the issues related towards the transfer and commercialization of new technology. It explains high-tech businesses with patentable technology, no matter if engineering technology, biotechnology, or info systems technology, display distinct business designs, processes, and features from mainstream businesses. Thus, CEOs, CTOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, faculty, and college students need to have to recognize this phenomenon and learn how to effectively commercialize the intellectual property they create.

Bringing New Technology to Market consists of a brief situation or profile of a real entrepreneur, inventor, or corporation grappling using the commercialization method. Other real-life examples are sprinkled all through the chapters to keep the topics grounded the truth is. Present and related analysis may be the foundation for your chapter content and further resources, each guides and Internet resources, are provided at the finish of every single chapter.

The Bringing New Technology to Market book addresses the entire spectrum of the commercialization method, from notion conception by way of prototyping and testing, intellectual house acquisition, market evaluation, and product start. Readers may have a single supply for your latest facts and research in technology commercialization.

It recognizes the broad spectrum of technology industries with examples from information and facts techniques, industrial engineering, biotechnology, as well as other technical industries. The Bringing New Technology to Market book is adaptable and suitable with courses in engineering, science, and business.

Bringing New Technology to Market

Prentice Hall; 1 edition
Kathleen R. Allen
367 pages

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CPM in Construction Management 7th Edition, O’Brien

CPM in Construction Management 7th Edition, O'Brien
CPM has turn out to be a strong catalyst for fail-safe development undertaking design and management. And on the subject of making use of CPM to day-in, day-out development situations, this is the one information you may need to have.

CPM In Construction Management 7th Edition by James J. O’Brien and Fredric L. Plotnick offers in-depth coverage of Primavera’s CPM software program which dominates the industry. Model new CPM software program accompanies new instance circumstances that carry you recent with at the moment’s construction situations. This text you with extra glitch-busting instruments than ever for easy dealing with of advanced jobs.

This book helps you run a good development ship with all it’s worthwhile to know about: event time computations; procurement; preconstruction; monitoring project progress; cost management; tools and workforce planning; precedents networks; CPM in claims and litigations; and DOZENS of other CPM factors.

Author exhibits you the way CPM works, serves because the analytical tool of alternative for the analysis, negotiation, decision, and/or litigation of development claims, cuts costs in a one-particular person operation or the most complicated multinational enterprise. This book helps you stay on top of every side of difficult tasks by saving huge cash in delay avoidance, correct price predictions, and claims reduction.

This book additionally reveals learn how to multiply the effectiveness of your instincts, experience, and knowledge. It explains easy methods to totally and properly utilize the ability of main scheduling software. With case research of main development initiatives worldwide and a “John Doe” instance project that’s adopted throughout, this book goes a great distance in simplifying your application of CPM.

From chopping mission time as much as advanced good points from computer packages, assessing important deliveries, to courtroom evidentiary value, this book is the construction device that makes everything round you work better, faster, and more economically.

CPM in Construction Management, Seventh Edition [Hardcover]

James J. O’Brien and Fredric L. Plotnick
McGraw-Hill Professional; 7 edition (August 11, 2009)
736 pages

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Lotto Master Formula Free Download

Thousands of dollars in winnings

Thousands of dollars in winnings

Does the Lotto Master Formula work? Why should we download it? Here is this Garry G. ebook review. This system is completely authorized and the system could be played anyplace in the world in any state. No advanced lottery schemes required. When you’ve got 10 minutes and a few dollars to spend money on the ticket, you may have enough for profitable huge time.

This method is addressed to individuals who don’t want to waste time with complex and inefficient schemes. It’s for individuals who don’t want to dedicate their lives to reinvent the wheel.

Just play the lottery wisely

Just play the lottery wisely

Every little thing has been combined in a manner that anybody can understand it. Really creator has mixed all the things in a book known as “Lotto Master Formula”. It’s not unlawful (what can be unlawful in following some strategies that increases your odds. The lotteries aren’t proud of my system…however they will’t do something about it).

Lotto Master Formula shouldn’t be difficult to understand: no arithmetic required, simply easy things anyone can understand. It is going to enable you to win small first, BUT then it can provde the taste of some hundreds, after which it’ll reveal the actual path to wealth.

Winning Lottery Ticket Ebook

Winning Lottery Ticket Ebook

This book teaches you the way to play smart and completely different strategies used that nearly guarantee winning. Lotto Master Formula is as simple as choose three profitable numbers generally, and this teaches you the right way to do it. Over the past 3 months using the lotto master components eBook I’ve won earning greater than my job pays me!

After all I needed to start out really small with small taking part to check the idea if it even worked, and much to my surprised it labored with flying colors. I am soon seeking to give up my day job once I win a couple extra tickets which won’t be a problem as I’m quickly changing into a professional at profitable!

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Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics, Amemiya

Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics, Amemiya
Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics by Takeshi Amemiya combines instruction in probability and statistics with econometrics in nontechnical manner. Unlike many statistics texts, it discusses regression evaluation in depth. And unlike many econometrics texts, it provides an intensive treatment of statistics. Although its only mathematical requirement is multivariate calculus, it challenges the scholar to think deeply about primary concepts.

The coverage of probability and statistics includes best prediction and best linear prediction, the joint distribution of a steady and discrete random variable, massive pattern theory, and the properties of the utmost chance estimator. Workouts at the end of every chapter reinforce the various illustrative examples and diagrams.

Believing that students ought to acquire the behavior of questioning standard statistical strategies, Takeshi Amemiya discusses the issue of selecting estimators and compares numerous standards for ranking them. He also covers probability and statistics, with emphasis on certain subjects which can be necessary in econometrics but usually missed by statistics textbooks at this level.

An intensive evaluation of the issue of choosing estimators is given, including a comparability of assorted standards for rating estimators. The writer also presents a crucial evaluation of the classical method of hypothesis testing, particularly within the practical case of testing two composite hypothesis towards each other.

Creator also evaluates classical hypothesis testing critically, giving the sensible case of testing a composite null against a composite alternative. He ceaselessly adopts a Bayesian strategy as a result of it supplies a useful pedagogical framework for discussing many basic issues in statistical inference.

Turning to regression, Amemiya presents the classical bivariate mannequin in the typical summation notation. He follows with a quick introduction to matrix evaluation and multiple regressions in matrix notation. Finally, he describes various generalizations of the classical regression model and sure other statistical fashions extensively utilized in econometrics and other functions in social science.

Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics [Hardcover]

Takeshi Amemiya
Harvard University Press (April 28, 1994)
384 pages

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