Bringing New Technology to Market, Kathleen R. Allen

Bringing New Technology to Market This Bringing New Technology to Market book by Kathleen R. Allen book presents a comprehensive review at the problems connected to the commercialization of intellectual property, and includes three significant themes that infuse all the concepts offered: worth creation, speed, and entrepreneurship. It allows viewers to understand diverse business designs and procedures from mainstream sorts of businesses, and teaches them how to successfully commercialize the intellectual home they develop.

The Bringing New Technology to Market book focuses on administration, marketing, product improvement, and functions techniques that function inside a higher tech surroundings. A four-part business covers: The Foundations of Technology Commercialization, Intellectual Home and Valuation. It’s aimed for potential entrepreneurs and corporate venture.

Bringing New Technology to Market presents a complete examine the issues related towards the transfer and commercialization of new technology. It explains high-tech businesses with patentable technology, no matter if engineering technology, biotechnology, or info systems technology, display distinct business designs, processes, and features from mainstream businesses. Thus, CEOs, CTOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, faculty, and college students need to have to recognize this phenomenon and learn how to effectively commercialize the intellectual property they create.

Bringing New Technology to Market consists of a brief situation or profile of a real entrepreneur, inventor, or corporation grappling using the commercialization method. Other real-life examples are sprinkled all through the chapters to keep the topics grounded the truth is. Present and related analysis may be the foundation for your chapter content and further resources, each guides and Internet resources, are provided at the finish of every single chapter.

The Bringing New Technology to Market book addresses the entire spectrum of the commercialization method, from notion conception by way of prototyping and testing, intellectual house acquisition, market evaluation, and product start. Readers may have a single supply for your latest facts and research in technology commercialization.

It recognizes the broad spectrum of technology industries with examples from information and facts techniques, industrial engineering, biotechnology, as well as other technical industries. The Bringing New Technology to Market book is adaptable and suitable with courses in engineering, science, and business.

Bringing New Technology to Market

Prentice Hall; 1 edition
Kathleen R. Allen
367 pages

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Bringing New Technology to Market

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